The growth of Hong Kong as international trade, industrial and financial centre of Asia, and as a gateway to do business in China, has made Hong Kong companies immensely popular, which are ideal for conducting a broad range of international business since:

  • there are no exchange controls
  • tax-free markets exist in gold, stocks and futures
  • no taxes are levied on dividends, interests or capital gains, or for offshore contracts
  • Hong Kong has the biggest free trade zone and is on the white list of the OECD.
  • laws favour the efficient performance of the business, Hong Kong has always been ranked the freest economy in the world, and as one of the most competitive economies.

The location of Hong Kong at the doorstep to China ensures its key role as we enter the new century. Basic economic policies guaranteed by China ensure the persistence of a low-tax, free trade, minimum regulation, free enterprise economy. The capitalistic, economic and legislative systems that are the cornerstones of Hong Kong’s success as a centre for Asian enterprise are expected to be continued.

Hong Kong is perhaps unique as a jurisdiction. A large number of leading international banks have offices here. A wealth of professional talent in all support service categories is also available. It has one of the largest capacity airports and finest air travel facilities in Asia.