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1. Our fee for setting up a Hong Kong company is US$1,994.- which includes cost of company and basic maintenance up to the next anniversary covering government fees, nominee directors, shareholders, secretary with secretarial services, negative tax return, annual return and registered address. Any items not needed can be deducted accordingly. The process takes about 10 working days subject to name approval. For immediate use we have a list of carefully selected Hong Kong company names on the shelf available, also at the same price.
2. The Hong Kong company needs a minimum of 1 shareholder and 1 director, which can be the same person or the same corporation resided anywhere. Meetings of directors and shareholders can be held anywhere.
3. A local company secretary and a local registered address are needed which can be provided by our firm if desired.
4. One year after the annual maintenance of a Hong Kong company will be US$1,686 covering government fees, nominee directors, shareholders, secretary with secretarial services, negative tax return, annual return and registered address. Again any items not needed can be deducted accordingly.
Company Secretarial Services
Our company secretaries take care of the proper maintenance of the Hong Kong and offshore companies under our management. Company filings such as annual returns and tax returns, registration of change or addition of director, allotment and transfer of shares, preparation of resolutions, registration of branch office, etc will be properly attended to.
Provision of Nominees & Address
Should anonymity of the beneficial owners of Hong Kong companies is desired we can provide nominee directors and shareholders. When needed they can provide powers of attorney as instructed by the beneficial owners. Declaration of Trust can be provided by the nominee shareholders confirming that they hold the shares in behalf of the beneficial owners. They can also sign blank instruments of transfer of shares to give the owners of the Hong Kong companies further protection.

Every Hong Kong company requires a local registered address which we can provide. Mails can be received and forwarded. Business activities can be carried out in another address.

Setting up Bank Accounts
We can introduce the Hong Kong companies under our management to open bank accounts with the major banks in Hong Kong which have awarded us the Best Partner awards. As usual the banks will need the information of the beneficial owners for their confidential record.

Overseas bank accounts can also be opened for Hong Kong companies with the banks our clients recommend.

Trade & LC documentation
Our professional team handles the shipping, invoicing and letters of credit documentation of Hong Kong companies in the most efficient and accurate manner.
Accountancy Services
Hong Kong companies with businesses inside or outside Hong Kong should keep proper accounting and annually an audit report has to be prepared by a local chartered accountant.
International Tax & Trade Advice
Our team can give advice on professional tax planning and international trading as well as to the choice of jurisdiction for incorporation for best tax planning arrangement.
Trademark Registration
We are experienced in the registration of trademarks in Hong Kong, China and overseas.

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